BETT19 Preview - Robotix Unveils Robobricks

Robotix announces the global launch of Robobricks, for kids ages 4 and above, at the BETT Show 2019.

Robobricks is a screen free interactive robotic construction toy. Kids ages 4 +, can build & code, bringing robots to life with motors, CPU, Sensors, Wand, coding chips, Audio Sound block, LED Light block using Origami & paper craft and with Duplo | Morphun | Lego bricks.

Robotix is also the creator of Phiro educational Robots for children ages 4 to 18 and Taco Playbits: A magical screen-free STEM toy for kids ages 3 and above.  Playbits has been selected as a BETT 2019 Awards finalist. 

Robobricks Features include:

  • 100% Screen Free
  • Educators can record questions in any language of their choice 
  • Playbits is Braille compatible, enabling blind & visually impaired children to play and learn.