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Better App control is here

 Google has launched user policy management to give IT administrators greater control and flexibility within Google Apps.
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Google has launched user policy management to give IT administrators greater control and flexibility within Google Apps.

Administrators can now segment their users into different organizational units - for example, students at different grade levels, faculty and staff - and control access to individual Google services like Docs, Sites and IM for each of those different sets of users.

Read more about it at the Google enterprise blog.



WiFi app controls classroom network

 Aerohive Networks, the pioneer in controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled networking, today announced StudentManager, a Wi-Fi app for K-12 teachers, giving them control of the wireless network inside the classroom.

Monitoring and controlling lab printing

Question: The quantity of paper printed in our library and computer labs by students is out of control. A large number of these pages are wasted and not even used. What can be done? The IT Guy says: The best option is to train network computer users to adhere to acceptable use policies, which should include

Document Control App for iOS

Absolute®Software Corporation, provider of firmware-embedded endpoint security and management solutions, today announced the general availability of Absolute Manage 6.0.

Options for Controlling Internet Access

Question: What options are available for controlling student access of the Internet? The IT Guy says: One of the goals of every school’s computer literacy curriculum and campus policies should be helping students learn to be responsible and ethical users of technology tools. To this end, schools need to

Skyward Introduces SkyCoder to Provide Districts Greater Control of Data Management

Skyward today launches SkyCoder, a free tool that enables districts to customize its solutions for greater control and advanced data management capabilities. Customers can now tailor screens and field rules without using in-house development staff or expensive customizations. SkyCoder provides districts with the option to extend custom-defined parameters, fields and validations to ensure district-specific needs are met. Customers can also flag required fields within a user profile, providing districts with necessary administrative alerts and information.

Security control goes virtual

ForeScout announces that it can now run its CounterACT network access control solution (NAC) as a virtual appliance within the virtual machine.