The Biological Science Curriculum Study, or BSCS uses the 5Es as an effective way to engage students in learning. Each “E†below represents part of the process of helping students sequence their learning experiences to construct their understanding of concepts.

Engage students in the concepts through a short activity or relevant discussion. Introduce the concepts with a video, brainstorming prior knowledge of a concept using Inspiration, or group discussion.

Explore the concepts with others to develop a common set of experiences. Have students work collaboratively to research the concepts on the Internet using a WebQuest, note-taking tools, digital cameras to capture images, or video to interview experts.

Explain the concepts they have been exploring. Student teams can develop and share a newsletter on their findings.

Elaborate to extend their understanding or apply what they have learned in a new setting. Student teams can create a multimedia presentation explaining how the images and video support their findings.

Evaluate their understanding of the concepts. Student teams share how they created and met the criteria of several rubrics.

Professional developers can facilitate integration of technology into each of the 5Es.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray