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Build an Electroscope

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This activity (aka "snack") provides instructions for building an electroscope, a device that detects electrical charge, using drinking straws and plastic tape. Negative charges can move, positive charges remain stationary. An object can become charged by moving electrons. Like charged objects repell, objects with unlike charges attract each other.



Build a Fish

Build a Fish From the famed Shedd Aquarium comes a novel way to learn about fish: build your own. Try lots of combinations of body types, mouth sizes, patterns and colors. After students have designed their perfect fish, they can find out if it would actually survive in the habitat. But don't worry

Tall Buildings

Tall Buildings Some students will be fascinated by this Museum of Modern Art site, although its sophisticated vocabulary requires a fairly high reading level. As soon as you click on Enter, the site actually takes control of your screen with an imposing array of tall building silhouettes. Some of the

Q & A to Build Community

Tip: There are no dumb questions, right? But have you ever been slammed for asking a question on a forum or blog? I was so embarrassed on a Web 2.0 techie forum by the responses to my question that I never went back. I really needed an answer but was insulted by one of the so-called tech experts. So I started

Tools for Collaborative Agenda Building

I think it’s important to build meeting agendas collaboratively. For years I kept a notebook in the office where staff could suggest topics. Now I’d like to use a tool that’s higher tech. Would a blog suffice? A blog would work, but you’d still end up pulling suggestions into a

Building the Empire State

Building the Empire State For forty years, from 1931 to 1971, the Empire State Building held the title of world's tallest building. This site, from the Skyscraper Museum, tells the story of the building's construction. This site includes fascinating historical photographs of this engineering and