Building VR Experiences to View in the Oculus Go App @oculus @cospaces_edu

Both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are emergent technologies primed to make a real impact on learning and training. The excitement around them is great for quickly engaging an audience on a topic or theme, but the challenge for fields focused on learning and training is to leverage these technologies to achieve meaningful objectives.

I have been making a deliberate effort to increase exposure to these tools in my own middle school classroom. Most recently, my social studies classes were researching various battles in World War 2. We began with my students completed a pretty standard short research project criteria: Dates, Countries Involved, Significance of the event, etc…

After a day of research, I shared what we can do with their research in CoSpaces EDU. Through CoSpaces EDU, users can include 3D models from Google Poly and code them with the CoBlocks (a block coding program). I asked my students to try to image the battle they studies in VR. After building with their Chromebooks, I was pleased to see diverse interpretations of my direction. 

Finally, students who were ready to preview their work, shared it to my teacher account to view in the Oculus Go app. 

I am looking forward to seeing what we can create and use with these awesome tools next! 

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Micah Shippee, PhD is an out-of-the-box-doer, a social studies teacher, and a technology trainer. He works to bridge the gap between research and practice   in the educational sector. Micah explores ways to improve motivation in the classroom and seeks to leverage emergent technology to achieve educational goals. As an innovative "ideas" person, Micah likes to think,   and act, outside the box. Micah is motivated and energetic, taking a creative approach towards achieving goals. As an Educational Consultant, and Keynote Speaker, he focuses on the adoption of emergent technology through   the development of an innovative learning culture. Micah believe that innovativeness is the pedagogy of the future.