CA Schools Adopt Blended Learning for Kindergarten, Pre-K

Rullingnet Corporation recently completed two case studies of its VINCI blended learning curriculum in use at EnCompass Academy, Oakland, CA. and the Cheryl Andersen Child Center, San Francisco.

Research has shown that high quality early childhood education represents one of the best investments that can be made in education. VINCI offers a complete blended learning solution that includes the hardware, the curriculum content that meets or exceeds ECE, Head Start and Common Core standards, training for teachers, and the learning management tool.

“The VINCI curriculum supports our goal to help preschool children develop a positive self image and explore their natural sense of wonder,” said Kate Bria, Director of the Cheryl Andersen Child Center. “I am very impressed with the VINCI content - the curriculum offered gives our teachers a very easy start with structured learning and saves them valuable time.

“As a Title I school with Provision 2 status (100% of our students receive free breakfast/lunch) and with 67% English Language Learners, we appreciate the research based VINCI blended learning programs,” said Mrs. Nguyen, Principal, EnCompass Academy, Oakland. “The content is cutting edge, and it also offers the syllabus, which other typical online programs don’t have. As a principal, I can’t change the budget, but I can give them a tool that makes their unit of time more effective”.