CDI Technologies Partners with ClassVR to Offer Classroom-Ready AR/VR Kits

CDI Technologies announces that it partnered with ClassVR to offer classroom-ready AR/VR kits that include a complete toolset for teachers to incorporate AR/VR into their classrooms. ClassVR’s virtual and augmented reality system is designed for the classroom and provides students with engaging, immersive experiences. Students can go on virtual field trips with the 360-degree video experiences or they can get up close and personal with content such as a beating heart by looking at a ClassVR worksheet while wearing the headset.

ClassVR kits include:

  • Standalone VR/AR headsets that eliminate the need for additional mobile devices or Bluetooth controllers. The headsets also feature an intuitive hand and head-based gesture control system to help students navigate and select activities.
  • Curriculum-aligned VR, AR and MR (mixed reality) resources and lesson plans designed to immerse and engage students. Users can also upload and share their own content.
  • A web-based portal that allows teachers to control and manage the headsets, plan lessons, and monitor student progress. Teachers can set “points of interest” on students’ headsets to direct them to certain parts of the lesson and can view thumbnail images of what each student is seeing.
  • Online tutorials and training videos for teachers.
  • A ruggedized portable storage case and 100 GB of cloud storage.

The kits come in sets of four or eight headsets. For more information, visit