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CES Highlights

The keynote speaker at the 2013IEEE ICCE, Dr. Satwant Kaur, toutedas the “First Lady of EmergingTechnologies,” described to reporterThoran Rodrigues of CBS thefollowing emerging technologiesthat will drive the growth of big data:
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CES Keynote Offers Insight to Emerging Technologies

The keynote speaker at the 2013 IEEE ICCE, Dr. Satwant Kaur, touted as the “First Lady of Emerging Technologies,” described to reporter Thoran Rodrigues of CBS the following emerging technologies that will drive the growth of big data:

• Column-oriented databases
• Schema-less databases, or NoSQL databases
• MapReduce
• Hadoop
• Hive
• WibiData
• Storage Technologies
• SkyTree



Tech Forum Highlights

The IBM Conference Center in Palisades, New York was the setting for this year's annual Fall Tech Forum event, where education thought leaders gathered for a rich, packed day of professional development sessions and networking with colleagues and industry experts. Topics included emerging technologies, ROI in

Tech Forum Highlights(2)

Education leaders gathered at the Eaglewood Conference Center Resort in Itasca, Illinois for an action-packed day of professional development sessions and networking at Technology & Learning's Tech Forum. Among the speakers at the event were Dr. Chris Dede, professor of learning technologies at Harvard's Graduate

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Highlights from Intel’s Visionary conference

The theme at this year’s Intel Visionary Conference in Washington, D.C., was “creation and innovation” and brought together a combination of educators, vendors and the industry’s “alphabet soup” (CoSN , SIIA , NSBA , etc.).

Allowing PDF highlighting and annotation

Question: Is it possible to enable others to highlight and make annotations to a PDF file that can be saved, without their purchasing the expensive full-version of Adobe Acrobat? I would like our teachers to be able to do this with the standard Adobe Reader software that is free. The IT Guy says: The latest (7.0)

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CIO Summit Highlights

On September 22nd and 23rd, 40 senior-level technology directors from school districts across the country converged in Trenton, NJ, at the invitation of Tech & Learning for our inaugural SchoolCIO Summit.

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Tech Forum Highlights

This past fall, Tech & Learning celebrated the 10th anniversary of its popular professionaldevelopment event for school leaders, Tech Forum.