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Changing Illusions Online Exhibit

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This online exhibit contains five interactive visual illusions. They demonstrate how hard it is to be sure that one's perceptions are accurate. These visual illusions challenge students to analyze what they are seeing. The visual paradoxes they find are used to study visual perception and the workings of the brain. The exhibit points out that scientists are fascinated by illusions because, by figuring out how the eye and brain can be tricked, they can better understand the normal workings of the visual system.



Find the Highest Note Online Exhibit

This online exhibit shows three aural illusions the Shepard Scale, the Tritone Paradox, and the Risset Scale. By showing how hard it is to figure out which tone is higher, the three illusions demonstrate limitations in our ability to decipher

Cell Explorer Online Exhibit

This online exhibit looks at the structure and function of living cells, including where people get the energy their bodies need to move around, how one cell divides into two, and how cells build the proteins they use to function.

Sliding Gray Step Online Exhibit

This online exhibit allows you to move two blocks of gray stripes into areas of white and black stripes. The gray stripes, which are all exactly the same shade of gray, can be made to appear lighter or darker by

Droodles Online Exhibit

Droodles is a name that combines doodles and riddles. At this exhibit, you are briefly shown sets of images and asked to draw them from memory. In one set of drawings, the names of the images are nonsense words, while