Charles County High School students manage finances with e-learning tool

Charles County Public High School students have adopted a new web-based e-learning platform designed to promote financial literacy.
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Charles County Public High School students have adopted a new web-based e-learning platform designed to promote financial literacy. The e-learning platform, powered by EverFi, Inc., uses new media technologies, such as adaptive pathing, 3-D gaming, social networking, online animations, video and messaging tools to bring complex financial concepts to life. Through the EverFi platform, students can become certified in over 600 topics in financial education. Community Bank of Tri-County has partnered with EverFi to bring the interactive financial management program to these high school students at no cost to the schools.

"I appreciate EverFi and all I had a chance to learn and further my education that will help me get through life a lot easier," said Ebony Poe, North Point High School student. "My favorite section was savings. I really learned a lot about savings and all that goes along with saving like needs and wants and how to budget my money. EverFi helped me learn things that my parents didn't learn until they were grown and on their own."

The 10-unit course offers six hours of programming aimed at teaching, assessing and certifying students in a variety of financial topics including credit scores, insurance, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, taxes, stocks, savings, 401(k)s and other critical concepts. The system tracks the progress and score of every student and provides students who successfully complete the course with a Certification in Financial Literacy.

"EverFi is a unique way for me to connect with students on a variety of subjects," says Debra Davis, teacher at North Point High School. "The students enrolled in the program ask better questions and engage in conversations that may not take place without EverFi. I have found that this supports objectives, assessments and instruction in a positive manner."



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