Charlotte Danielson Releases Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 Edition

In response to the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and based on feedback from educators, Charlotte Danielson has updated her Framework for Teaching (FFT) Evaluation Instrument with the 2013 Edition. The 2013 Edition incorporates the instructional implications of CCSS and includes language refinements to further improve scoring accuracy when using the Framework for evaluations and observations. Developed in 1996, the FFT, a research-validated instrument, has now been adopted in more than 20 states and is used as the basis for professional learning and teacher evaluation by providing a common language for defining and reflecting on teaching effectiveness.

“The core concepts and architecture of the Framework remain the same. However evolving requirements from educators and the field continue to drive ongoing enhancements to the Evaluation Instrument, as they have throughout its history,” said Charlotte Danielson.

The enhancements explicitly address the CCSS themes of academic language, argumentation and student strategies. The enhancements also focus on curriculum and assessment – a major instructional implication of the CCSS – and provide observers of classroom practice with possible examples they can use to conduct evaluations across academic disciplines.

The language refinements throughout the 2013 Edition help classroom observers more accurately conduct evaluations and observations and were made in the interest of clarity, consistency and ease of use.

Teachscape will update its Teachscape Focus observation training and assessment system to include the observable components of the 2013 Edition. The 2013 Edition will also be available in the Teachscape Reflect observation and evaluation system.