Charter School to Pilot New Digital Library

Jones e-Global Library® today announced a new partnership with Liberty Common High School. Faculty and students at Liberty Common will participate in a pilot program for the new, grades 9-12 specific, College Ready edition of the digital library service. A charter school, Liberty Common does not currently offer an on-campus library or resource center for its students. The partnership with Jones e-Global Library will allow students and faculty the opportunity to use the same resources found in a traditional library from their classroom computers.

The library allows students and teachers to research, access resources for specific courses, and collaborate -- anytime, from any location with an internet connection. Articles, eBooks, journals and lessons are readily available for students at any time, giving students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with online learning, research tools and practices that will prepare them for college and beyond.

Liberty Common High School is a tuition-free, public, parent-run, charter high school chartered by Poudre School District in Fort Collins. The school is a classical, liberal-arts, college-preparatory institution emphasizing the humanities and accentuating math, science, and engineering. Founded on the belief that a high-quality, rigorous education is the “great equalizer” among individuals, Liberty Common High School strives to provide an environment where all students achieve mature literacy and obtain the ability to thrive in college.

“As students interact with academic journals, eBooks, and lectures, they are building the foundation for success in their post-secondary studies,” Bob Schaffer, Principal for Liberty Common High School stated. “The Jones e-Global Library service will greatly enhance our students’ ability to conduct research in support of their studies and gain the most out of their educational experience.”

Liberty Common High School will commence the pilot program on May 15, 2012. Faculty and staff will work with Jones e-Global librarians to curate appropriate materials throughout the summer while students are on break. Liberty Common High School students can expect the e-Global Library service to be online and ready for use when they return to classes in August, 2012.

Jones e-Global Library plans to expand its virtual library services to the K-12 market on a national level.