Cincinnati schools to implement long-term success plan for students

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) selected Naviance, provider of measurable student success solutions for K-12 schools and districts, to prepare urban Ohio students for college and career success. The district will implement Naviance Succeed® in its 14 high schools to ensure all students have, and are on track to complete, an individual plan for success after high school.

Students are more successful when they know where they want to go and they have a plan for how to get there. Naviance Succeed draws data from disparate systems to provide a comprehensive view of where a student is in relation to his or her plan. Combining this data with career, course and college information can spur students to increase their course rigor and their expectations of themselves to better prepare for post-secondary education and the twenty-first century workforce.

"The ultimate goal is to empower our students for success beyond Cincinnati Public," said Kelly Broscheid, coordinator of career exploration for (CPS). "With Naviance Succeed we can collect, monitor and analyze the deep data needed to tailor curriculum to individual student strengths, challenges and goals. This allows students to map realistic paths toward academic, personal and career success."

Through a partnership with the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and US Bank Haile Foundation, Cincinnati Public Schools will implement the technology and train students, families, staff and community partners during the 2011-12 school year.

CPS is Ohio's highest-rated urban school district and leads Ohio's eight large-city school districts in academic performance. Cincinnati Public Schools has a long tradition of developing innovative school models with specialized curriculum, including the nation's first public Montessori elementary and high schools, and converting all high schools to "schools of choice" with no attendance boundaries.