CirQlive, Sibme Announce Partnership for Real-Time, Remote Teacher Coaching, Training and Mentorship

K12 teacher works with two children using an iPad
(Image credit: DepositPhotos/ridofranz)

CirQlive and Sibme today announced a partnership that will allow real-time video training and coaching by districts, continuous education programs, or mentors and coaches. 

By integrating CirQlive’s video integration technology into Sibme’s online teacher coaching and training platform, teacher observations and engagements can now happen live, in real time. 

The agreement and integration will be able to immediately reach about 50,000 teachers in 1,500 schools where Sibme has been implemented and will be fully available in February. 

 The CirQlive/Sibme partnership includes additional benefits for school districts. “In addition to not having to drive to visit far away schools to watch a teacher lead a classroom, this new tool will help districts meet their certification and documentation requirements around continuing education, share best practices, implement new instructional strategies, or add new curriculum, as examples,” Hoffman said.