Classroom Jeopardy

Company: Educational Insights;
System Requirements: Mac: 4 MB RAM. PC: 386 or faster processor, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, 4 MB RAM.
Price/Grade: $499.99; elementary and middle school
Pros: Customized curriculum; easy setup; engaging
Cons: Game allows players to wager more than they have; price might be prohibitive for some schools

Classroom Jeopardy is a fast-paced interactive game based on the popular TV show, with music, sound effects, and an announcer so realistic you could swear it was Alex Trebek reading the answers.

This updated version comes with preprogrammed cartridges (each with five games) and several more are available for purchase. Players can easily design their own games using Microsoft Word or the included software and download them onto cartridges using the provided dock.

Setup is easy. Stick a cartridge into the game unit, hook it up to a television or LCD projector, and get your buzzer ready. The package comes with three color-coded controllers but will accommodate a class of 30.

As on the show, a clue is read and the first student to buzz in answers the question. The host presses "Correct" or "Incorrect," and the score value is automatically added or subtracted accordingly from the player's score box. The host also controls when the players can buzz in, allowing slower readers a chance to answer.

The Classroom Jeopardy package has an excellent teacher's guide and even includes a marker for labeling score boxes.

Jamie Keller is a teacher in Berkeley, California.