CoderZ’s New Cyber Robotics 102 Curriculum Engages Students in Coding and STEM

CoderZ introduces a new cyber-robotics curriculum for students in grades five through eight. The Cyber Robotics 102 curriculum is a sequel to CoderZ’s Cyber Robotics 101 and uses advanced gaming simulations to teach STEM through robotics and computer science. The comprehensive course offers 15-20 hours of curriculum and practice. 

Cyber Robotics 102 has students work in an online virtual environment that features a new robot called Ruby and that accurately mimics real-life physics and a physical setting. Students advance through game levels as they learn engineering, mechanics, physics, navigation, control and sensors. At the same time, those students are introduced to programming components like commands, variables, conditional logic, loops, functions and more. 

The online, gamified, turn-key curriculum comes with teacher support materials such as class presentations, teacher guides, optional mission solutions, webinars and rich-content blogs. Additionally, teachers can have students work on the course from any computer, even from home. 

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