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Collaboration Tools help Teachers and Students Learn

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Online collaboration tools like blogs, wikis, Linkedin®, Twitter™, and Facebook® open doors for us to interact and be more social in the ways we use the Internet. Educators in all areas can benefit by infusing some or all of these technologies in their learning environments. The new Collaborating with a Global Community Spotlight helps educators identify how teachers and students can connect themselves to a global community, reflect on the best global project(s) to introduce into the classroom and plan the necessary steps for implementing a project.

Atomic Learning’s Spotlights provide a structured training path around important topics related to 21st Century Skills and Technology Integration. The path allows teachers to quickly:

  • build their understanding of a topic
  • practice the topic through projects
  • reflect on how to apply the concepts in their classroom to get all students actively engaged in learning.

See all Spotlight topics available under Training Spotlight here.

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Enabling Student Collaboration for Learning Georgia State University's "Teaching and Learning with Technology Center - TLTC" presents a question and answer format offering useful information about student collaboration. It discusses 12 areras of collaboration, including: "why should students

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Job embedded professional development stimulates teachers to observe classroom events more carefully, assess their effectiveness thoughtfully, and share new insights. High quality professional development often supports teachers in new and expanded roles as teacher leaders, peer advisors, and teacher researchers.

Student Collaboration Tools

Question: Do you have any suggestions for software tools that can be used for student collaboration on projects? The IT Guy says: Web Collaborator is a web 2.0 service that permits users to collaborate on the project in a wiki space, keep a discussion forum to document progress, and also records a