Collecting and Compiling Data

Teachers may not know what data to collect to help improve their teaching practice. They are inundated with student data, graduation and dropout rates, etc. They will also need other data relating to how they teach and learn to help them improve their teaching practice. As a professional developer, you can create several different instruments for your teachers to use to help them look for the evidence that teaching is making an impact on student learning. You can create:

  • A digital portfolio template for teachers to use when collecting evidence of their teaching practice and artifacts, including student work.
  • A spreadsheet or diagnostic software to chart student data such as grades, scores, and other assessment data.
  • A classroom observation tool that can be used for informal feedback, lesson study, and self-assessment.
  • An interview form for talking to your colleagues and students.
  • Threaded discussions, blogs, or databases for teachers to store or share what is working or not working.
  • Reflection journals so teachers can follow their thoughts and concerns about their teaching practice.
  • Checklists with dates due for each item.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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