Common Core Ain’t Cheap

In this supplement, you will find many tools to help districts transition to common core standards. Some are free; most are not. We thought it would be helpful to share some funding tips from a recent survey conducted by the Digital Wish Foundation.

The study revealed some surprising results, the biggest being that schools may be overlooking some easy ways to increase their budgets. Here is a sampling of these results:

Only 14% of schools report “re-budgeting” as a major source of technology funding, however it’s the most viable and immediately available strategy.

Over half of schools are not applying for grants. Respondents shared that this is one of their most effective sources of funding, and over a quarter of schools who apply are raising over $20,000 per year.

Most schools do not make an immediate connection between raising community engagement and sustainability..

Fundraising is frequently viewed as “something the PTA does.” However, successful schools integrate fundraising into every school event. One in five schools who fundraised actually raised over $20,000 each year.

Donor Advice

The study also included some helpful tips when approaching potential donors:

• “Hit up the engineers in your town. They rarely are approached for donations and they love it when you can put their name on something they have donated. The lawyers in the community love to donate as well. I've also had great luck with the dentists because these groups are not typically approached for funding.”

• “Real estate agents and banks will donate because a good school raises the property value in the region.”

• “Sometimesyou just have to ask and you shall receive. Asking the right person is the most challenging accomplishment. “

• “Contacts in the ‘right’ places really help. This is not something always attainable but we ask parents and companies for referrals.”

Download the full study here:

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