Configuring H.323 Desktop Videoconferencing Software

Question: Do you have any tips for configuring H.323 desktop videoconferencing software programs that you recommended using?

The IT Guy says:
With each of these software options, be sure to configure Internet bandwidth settings as appropriate for not only the available LAN bandwidth in the specific classroom where the teacher is videoconferencing, but also for the Internet bandwidth available for the campus and district. Generally H.323 videoconferences at 384 Kbps provide plenty of quality. Especially if your network routers are not configured to support QOS (quality of service) standards that give packet prioritization for videoconferencing, teachers will likely find that connections in the afternoon suffer more pixelation and even audio interruptions due to packet loss and increased Internet usage than do morning conferences. Experiment with different times of the day, and always make test connections prior to actual videoconferences involving students.

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