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Connected Educator Month is Back!

Each year, several themes for ConnectedEducator Month (#ce14) are chosen tosupport a narrative for the event.
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Each year, several themes for Connected Educator Month (#ce14) are chosen to support a narrative for the event. While participating organizations aren’t required to align events or activities to these themes, many choose to do so. This year, participants nominated and voted on the themes. Here are just a few of the CEM themes for October 2014:

• Blended Learning

• Collaboration and Capacity-Building

• Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Global Connected Education

• Educator Professional Development and Learning

• Leadership For Change

• Student Agency, Student Voice, and the Maker Movement

• Whole Community Engagement (Parents, Teachers, Students, Community Members)

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The Connected Educator Month Coming Soon

I am adding my two cents by being part of the Connected Educator month in a variety of forms and my hope is that this blog post inspires you to take action FOR your own learning: participate, contribute and connect beyond your zip code!