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Contest Challenges Student Teams to Build Wind Turbines

Contest Challenges Student Teams to Build Wind Turbines

KidWind is launching the inaugural National KidWind Challenge. Student teams can qualify for the National KidWind Challenge by participating and winning a KidWind Challenge Event in their local area or by winning a monthly KidWind Challenge Online.

The KidWind Challenge Events allow teams of students in grades 4-12 to test the efficiency and design of their wind turbines in the high-speed KidWind Wind Tunnel and be judged by wind industry experts. The KidWind Challenge Online allows students across the world to build wind turbines, calculate their own energy output, and upload pictures and results to the KidWind Web site for judging. The three top-performing teams from each KidWind Challenge Event and all monthly KidWind Challenge Online winners will be invited to showcase their winning wind turbines at the USA Science & Engineering Festival on Saturday, April 26, 2014 in in Washington D.C.

Deadline: National KidWind Challenge teams must register by March 1, 2014.