Converting PowerPoint Slide Shows to Web-based

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Although Wink is a nice tool to use to create tutorials, what if you already have Powerpoint presentations that you want to place on the Web as slide shows? While we could use Powerpoint's built-in Save As HTML feature, the resulting HTML files and graphics are bloated and painful to manage. How could we easily put our Powerpoint presentation on the Web in one file? A simple solution is to use OpenOffice 2.0. This free, open source Office Suite enables you to open Powerpoint presentations then export them as a Flash movie. Flash compatibility is now standard on Windows, Mac and Linux operating system Internet browsers. In addition to being more compatible (Flash movies easily work on more browsers than the html code generated by Powerpoint's export feature), you also have only ONE file to work with. This means you can easily attach the file to emails you might send, put it on your web server and then point people to the web address. Or, you could place the file on the web so that it can.

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