Creating a Curriculum Matrix

After teachers determine the appropriate standards to teach, they may need some guidance in figuring out which essential skills they've taught also meet the requirements of standardized tests and learning objectives.

  • Ask teachers to share with you their lessons and units they will be teaching in the next few months.
  • Using the ideas from the previous tip, ask them to provide the standards and benchmarks they aligned to the lessons.
  • Help the teachers compile a list of essential skills that their students will need to learn to meet the learning objectives.
  • Map the skills, standards, and activities using a matrix (refer to Figure 1).
  • Have teachers pair and share their matrix with another teacher who teaches the same curriculum topics.

A curriculum matrix will help your teachers determine if they need to develop additional activities or can meet even more standards.

Figure 1 Essential SkillsStandardsActivitiesAction Plan Be able to demonstrate causes of American Revolution CA H/SS 5.5
Writing 5.2 Research websites on American Revolution.
Read Johnny Tremain.
Write essay on one point of view on cause. Create website for students with both points of view.
Develop a culminating activity where students persuade and convince others about their point of view.
Review CA ELA Listening 5.2.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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