Curriculum Associates Updates i-Ready Learning and Assessment Platform

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With millions of educators and students involved in our great national remote learning experiment, companies are listening to teachers' feedback about how to improve their digital learning platforms. 

One such company, Curriculum Associates, has recently added new features to i-Ready to meet emerging educator needs during school closures and beyond. These features include a new instructional report for educators as well as new reading comprehension lessons for middle school students. Currently, the i-Ready program serves over eight million users nationwide and approximately 25 percent of all K–8 students across all 50 states. 

“We are always listening to our educators and working to improve our programs to meet their evolving needs, especially in challenging times like these with extended school closures,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “We expedited the launch of our new i-Ready features to further support our educators during remote teaching so they have all the resources needed to continue to deliver timely, data-driven, personalized learning in the most efficient way possible.” 

i-Ready’s new Personalized Instruction by Lesson report for classes and groups allows teachers to view student performance on recently completed lessons and status of lessons in progress. This simplifies grouping students by pinpointing those working at similar levels in a domain, as well as identifying where students are struggling, to help facilitate timely intervention. 

New reading comprehension lessons focused on connecting ideas in complex passages will also be added to i-Ready to engage middle school students in critical thinking. Lessons for Grade 6 are now available, and lessons for Grades 7 and 8 are coming soon. Additional i-Ready features and resources will also be available this summer to support student learning in the upcoming school year. 

i-Ready was recently recognized as a 2020 CODiE Award finalist by the Software & Information Industry Association. It was recognized in the Best Formative Student Assessment Solution category of the Education Technology awards for its ability to identify the learning gaps and standards students have not yet achieved and its ability to assess and help close those gaps to improve student achievement. 

In addition to the CODiE Awards, i-Ready was also recently recognized by the 2020 EdTech Awards as a finalist in the Personalized Learning Solution category. 

About i-Ready

i-Ready supports differentiated instruction for K–12 teachers and students, combining assessments and insights with individualized instruction in reading and mathematics. 

The Diagnostic provides educators with actionable criterion-referenced and normative data to create individualized lessons. Teachers administer the Diagnostic at the beginning of the school year to chart a course for their instruction and to personalize i‑Ready instructional paths. A midyear and end-of-year Diagnostic helps students and teachers measure growth and have data chats. Teacher-led and online instruction continues throughout the year to help students address their learning gaps and access grade-level learning.

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