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Curriculum Directors: Change Education with Online Learning

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Start with professional development and sell teachers that online learning is a good thing. Get buy-in from the principal and administration so the teachers do not feel that they are on their own. Then, make sure the curriculum is set up to be delivered in an online course.

With free online workshop tools, educators can easily create online courses, adding assignments, video links, files, an online chat, a test or a poll to the class.

Incorporating online discussions in an online, blended, or face-to-face class is a great way for students to connect, share information, and demonstrate understanding of subject matter.

Encourage teachers to expand their online resources and knowledge base. Check out this video to learn more about effective online teaching and learning practices.

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ARRA funds used for online curriculum

 Nearly 50 school districts nationwide have used American Recovery and Reinvestment (ARRA) funding to purchase an online learning program, while nine others are pursuing Investing in Innovation federal grants to expand their successful implementations of the same program.

Online H.S. curriculum offers high-tech challenges

 According to the National Center for Education Statistics, as many as one third of high school graduates that go to college are not prepared for post-secondary education - requiring community colleges and four-year institutions to dedicate time and resources to remedial, non-credit courses.

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Curriculum Directors: Engage Lesson Plans with Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning’s direct linking feature helps Curriculum Directors and educators with lesson planning; they are able to include tutorials in lessons for students to learn anytime, anywhere.  This training supports students with varying levels of technology skills and the ability to learn through flipped classrooms. With Atomic Learning, Curriculum Directors are able to infuse educators with the confidence to integrate technologies into their teaching, learning and assessments. Learn more about the Atomic Learning solution.