DecisionEd Chosen to Implement Data Warehouse Management Solution

DecisionEd announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Kyrene Elementary School District to implement a data warehouse solution for data management, analytics and reports, delivering performance management solutions.

DecisionEd's solution is based on quantitative decision tools long used by business, tailored to the needs of education. The data warehousing solution employs the IBM Cognos platform for delivery of dashboards and reports. By combining disparate databases, the solution helps K-12 school districts consolidate information key to meeting their goals.

The Kyrene Elementary School District, is an "A" rated district comprising 25 schools (19 elementary and 6 middle schools). It enrolls approximately 18,000 students in kindergarten through eighth grade, and is located in the Phoenix Arizona metropolitan area. Kyrene serves four municipalities (Tempe, Guadalupe, Phoenix and Chandler) and approximately half of the Gila River Indian Reservation. In addition to regular classrooms, choice programs are offered for those who prefer an alternative or enhanced approach to learning. These include: dual language, traditional, college preparatory, leadership, and gifted. In addition, there are a variety of onsite community programs available before/after school and during school breaks.

"The DecisionEd Data Warehouse will pull together data from disparate systems, including our student information system, human resources/finance system, and student assessment system, so that staff may determine which variables most affect our overall goal of increasing student achievement," said Mark Share, Director of Curriculum and Learning Services. "Once we isolate the variables and put programs in place to address the needs and concerns, the DecisionEd Data Warehouse will then help us to monitor the effectiveness of our actions."