Deep Freeze on Windows 2000/XP

Question: I have Deep Freeze loaded on our Windows 95 computers. It is wonderful. My district level computer technicians say it doesn't work on Windows 2000/XP computers because it has to build a profile each time a student logs on. Is this true? Some of our students log on with a generic log on instead of an individual one. I really like Deep Freeze - especially in a lab situation.

The IT Guy says:
Deep Freeze software is wonderful for lab settings because it restores all software and system settings to their saved state every time the computer is restarted. It DOES run wonderfully in Windows2000 and WindowsXP, but you must have an updated version for this compatibility. If you are running Windows95 with Deep Freeze right now, most likely you will need to purchase upgrades for your computers to the latest version. Deep Freeze version 3.32 is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME. Windows 2000/XP require Deep Freeze 4.10 (standard version.)

Your district IT department may want to purchase the Professional or Enterprise versions of Deep Freeze, depending on how many computers need the software and the additional functionality desired. Deep Freeze is now also available for Macintosh OS X. For more info, visit

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