Develop Model Activities

Sometimes, teachers can sit through a workshop and never let you know that they do not understand what you are talking about. If they see an example lesson or activity, they may get it.

  • Review the lessons, units, and resources including technology your teachers use with their students.
  • Examine the textbook and supporting materials that meet the required criteria of high stakes testing.
  • Create an activity that uses technology and the materials that meet their curriculum.
  • Develop support materials that may include a Web site, handouts, templates, and a presentation.
  • Walk through the example and the supporting materials.
  • Provide time for teachers to collaborate by grade level or curriculum area and share ideas on another topic.
  • Have teachers team in small groups of two or three to create an activity around their topic based on the model you created.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

Image from:My eCoach eLibrary