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As November is the month for International Games Week and World Tsunami Awareness Day, consider the following games help to raise awareness for all kinds of disasters. 

  • Disaster Master is called a game, but really resembles a comic book with information about disasters. It is an entertaining way for students to know what to do to prevent disasters with quiz questions as the students scroll through the game. 
  • Disaster Hero  is a game in which the students choose a hero and earn points  to advance to the next level by answering questions about what friends faced with a natural disaster should do.  There is an extensive resource section with information on every kind of disaster and links under tabs for kids, parents and teachers.  The game requires a version of Flash Player which is 10.1.52 or higher which you can download free from the site. 
  • Build a Kit  is a game which has students choosing items from different rooms in the house which would be helpful to put in their emergency kit. There is also a Spanish Version. 
  • BrainPOP also has a disaster game for those who have a subscription. 
  • International Tolerance Day is November 16th. Check out the United Nations site for  more information.

Thanksgiving STEM Activities

  • Thanksgiving means food and family, but mostly food. Culinary arts integration is a highly flexible and engaging project-based  learning activity, ideal for STEM ducation.  This article offers activities which pair science and food and even offers recipes for coding. 
  • And for younger kids, Thanksgiving can still be full of science!  
  • GIS Day 
  • National Geography Week
  • More resources from our November 2018 Blog.

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