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Disabling deepFreeze

Question: What can I do to disable deepFreeze?

The IT Guy says:
deepFreeze ( protects computer hard drives by restoring the drive after a restart to a saved “image†of programs and settings. It is possible to disable deepFreeze with an established hot-key configuration that is specified at the time the computer is configured with the software.

Generally, most IT departments that configure computers (like library or lab systems) with deepFreeze do not give out the disabling password to users, even teachers. The reason for this is that if the password is given out, the default configuration of the boot image can be changed with a corrupt or conflicting software configuration.

The usual reason for needing to bypass deepFreeze is to install new software that needs to remain installed on that computer. I would recommend you communicate your needs to the IT department and request that your licensed software be installed to the new deepFreeze image.

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