Display color problems

Question: When I go to the display control panel and choose settings, I only see a choice for 16 colors. How can I choose to add more colors for my display?

The IT Guy says:
It is likely that the device driver for your Windows computer’s video card is not installed correctly. If this was a sound card driver, you might want to just delete the current driver and restart your computer, letting Windows recognize that the driver is missing and install the correct one. You could try that in this case, but the risk you run is that without a video driver installed, your computer may not boot up properly with anything visible on the monitor.

I recommend you look up the video card manufacturer name and part number by looking on the back of your computer, and then go to the Website of the manufacturer to find a current device driver for that video card and the operating system you are running. Download the appropriate driver, then go to the device manager (right cick My Computer and choose Properties) and update the video card device driver.

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