District cuts paper use by half-million pages

The Park Hill School District, serving 15 schools with 10,000 K-12th graders, saved over $15,000 after it optimized its printing operations.
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The Park Hill School District, serving 15 schools with 10,000 K-12th graders, saved over $15,000 after it optimized its printing operations usingEquitrac print management software. By consolidating devices to the most efficient and cost effective, enforcing print quotas to manage and budget for expenses, and implementing ID-card secured document release across all its schools, the district not only cut print expenses but also reduced prints by over 500,000 pages -- the equivalent of 60 trees -- and are now able to accurately budget for print expenses each month.



NComputing saves district a over half million in hardware

Steve Young, Chief Technology Officer of the Judson school district in Texas, recently performed his own energy cost analysis a year after beginning a major computer upgrade and expansion program in his school district of 21,000 students outside of San

Half Hollow Hills Central School District

Name: Half Hollow Hills Central School District The Half Hollow Hills Central School District is located on Long Island and serves nearly 10,000 students in grades K-12. The district Web site is attractive and easy for parents and other visitors to navigate. The unique feature of this site is the Student Gallery,

Turning the Pages

Turning the Pages Prepare for hours of fascination leafing through pages of 15 incredible original texts, from the Diamond Sutra, the oldest printed book, to an original copy of "Alice's Adventures Underground." Along the way, check out such varied texts as the Lindisfarne Gospels and Mozart's musical

NJ enables energy improvements with no district capital

 Ameresco, Inc., energy efficiency and renewable energy company, announced today that it has entered into a 15-year Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP) project with the Somerset Hills School District in Bernardsville, New Jersey.

Short Cuts

Question: Sometimes it gets tedious to have to first open an application and then find and open the file that one needs. Is there a faster way? The IT Guy says: Yes. Both Windows and Mac operating systems allow you to create shortcuts (called Aliases on a Mac). A shortcut/alias is a desktop icon that will take you

Handmade Paper

This activity provides instructions for making handmade paper from recycled paper. As you make your own paper, you'll observe the water and energy required to reprocess paper fiber. In commercial manufacturing, producing printing grade recycled paper can save as much