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Do you use now or need more “hard data”

T&L Reader survey
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T&L Reader Survey
True confession time: Do you need more “hard data” to teach students effectively?

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How much do you actually use in school?

T&L Asks Readers Chances are you have more software and computing power at your fingertips than do all the astronauts put together. How much do you actually use in school?

What Do You Need In a Grant Writer?

Our district has decided to contact with a grant writer. What are some of the qualities we should seek in candidates? Experience and a good track record for writing winning proposals are obvious needs, but you’ll want to look at the underlying skills that make grant writers successful over a period of time.

Do You Need ERP?

In the business world, enterprise resource planning software keeps costs down and productivity up. Should districts follow suit? Enterprise resource planning software does what school leaders have always wanted their computer systems to do: It sees all. By integrating every IT application an organization