Don’t forget CIPA

Don’t forget CIPA

CIPA Compliance Checklist

Schools and libraries that plan on receiving E-rate discounts on Internet access and/or internal connection services after July 1, 2002, need to be in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (“CIPA ”). CIPA compliance means that schools and libraries are filtering their Internet services and have implemented formal Internet Safety Policies (also frequently known as Acceptable Use Policies).

The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), charged with administering CIPA for E-rate purposes, has established only the broadest guidelines for interpreting the filtering and policy requirements of the Act. The following checklist is designed as a simple, but unofficial, guide for determining whether a school or library meets the CIPA compliance guidelines.

Internet Filtering

Basic Requirement: CIPA requires the implementation of a “technology protection measure” – generally referred to as an Internet filter – to block access to visual depictions deemed “obscene,” “child pornography,” or “harmful to minors.” Filtering is required for all Internet-enabled computers whether used by minors or adults. For E-rate purposes, filtering for adult Internet usage can be disabled for “bona fide research or other lawful purpose.”

CIPA compliance requires a “Y” in at least one of the Filtering Provision boxes listed.

Internet Safety Policy

Basic Requirement: CIPA requires the public adoption and enforcement of an “Internet Safety Policy” covering the filtering discussed above. For minors, the policy must also address monitoring of online activities, the safety and security of all forms of direct electronic communications, unauthorized online access, and unauthorized disclosure of personal identification information.

CIPA compliance requires a “Y” in all of the Policy Provision boxes listed above.

Additional information on Internet Safety Policy requirements and provisions can be found in the CIPA policy primer available on the E-Rate Central Web site at