Downloading an Entire Web Site

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Just when you think Internet access is ubiquitous, you find out it's not--and you're set to do an important presentation where you need to show off a Web site. Or, a student has created a Web page that defames a teacher and you need to get a copy of it for "evidence." Whatever your need, a program like Web Whacker ( can be useful. While there are costlier versions of "Web whacking" type software, you can obtain two free programs-- Site Snagger ( for Windows or SiteSucker ( for Macintosh --that are similar and work effectively.

Both are free and easy to use; you simply paste the Web address into the appropriate location on the program, tell it how many levels deep you want to go (experiment with this so that you can better understand it), and then "snag" the site. Should you choose to snag more than two levels, be aware that all pages linked to the original page, and all pages linked to those pages will be saved to your hard drive. After snagging/sucking a Web site down, you can then open the index file for the site with a Web browser and everything will work--with the exception of "external" links that connect to materials not originally on the Web site you snagged. Finally, please be aware that you should make every effort to adhere to copyright fair use guidelines when snagging Web pages off the Internet.

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