During the Conference

Conferences can be overwhelming, with so much to see and do. Even if you are presenting, make a point to attend a session or two to learn new ideas and to possibly learn new ways of presenting.

  • Consider attending a pre-session workshop, the keynote address, several concurrent sessions, and the exhibit hall.
  • Decide on a first choice, then choose several alternative concurrent sessions. Some popular sessions fill up fast.
  • If attending one of your alternative sessions, sit near the back or edge and move on within the first 10 minutes if the session is not for you.
  • Devise a note-taking tool or strategy that works for you. Your goal is to be able to recall and use the information later. Try taking notes within overall categories instead of as separate sessions.
  • During the evenings, take time to go over your notes. If you’re with a group, meet up and debrief each other on what you saw and heard.

Submitted by:Doug Prouty
Technology Specialist, Contra Costa County Office of Education

Image from:My eCoach eLibrary