Dust is our Enemy

Question: There¹s dust everywhere. How do I keep it out of the computers?

The IT Guy says:
Almost anything can stir up dust, and that¹s not good for computers. Three things to help avoid getting dust inside are: First, cover your machines at night - providing they are turned off of course. Please don't cover an operating machine. (I use old sheets from home and wash them occasionally.) Second, dust off your equipment daily with a soft bristle brush. Finally, keep an eye on the cooling fan on the back of the CPU. When it begins to get dusty, it's time to clean out the inside with compressed air. Use those little cans of compressed air. If you don't know what you're doing in there, PLEASE ask for help. By the way, if you find yourself doing this weekly, it's time for a GOOD air filter in the computer room. I insisted on a HEPA grade filtering system for a room larger than mine actually is. It cost about what one major service call would.

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