Editors Desk: Funding Fundamentals

Editors Desk: Funding Fundamentals

To be honest, our annual Money issue is not my favorite on the editorial calendar. I much prefer to be inspired by stories on cutting-edge tech in innovative schools than to be told how to calculate a district’s total cost of ownership. Managing assets is not as fun as flipping classrooms.

But the topics this month may be some of the most important we handle this year. After all, if you can’t handle how the money flows, you won’t be getting the cool tools. Another point: Even if these issues are not part of your day-to-day responsibilities, it is still important to understand how and why your district finds, spends, and saves.

Our grant guru Gary Carnow files his annual guide to writing the perfect proposal. The process can be as much art as science and Gary always comes through with ways to finesse those forms. Likewise, T&L advisor David Andrade breaks down the cost-cutting strategies of going paperless—one of the most promising and yet frustratingly difficult things to accomplish in a school.

Of course, we can’t go a full issue without a report on the latest and greatest tech tools released. Have any of your own money-related tips and tricks to share with readers? Shoot me a note and we’ll post them to the Edtech Ticker!

— Kevin Hogan
Editorial Director