Edtech Show & Tell: July 2024

Edtech Show & Tell
(Image credit: Future)

Welcome to the July Edtech Show & Tell, in which our editors share some of the new edtech products that have caught our attention this month. These are not reviews or endorsements, but a showcase of education-friendly items, platforms, and more that we think might be noteworthy for you.

This month's new offerings include a versatile mobile projector cart, a differentiated writing curriculum, a music assignment/assessment platform, and other innovative products for education.

Cooler Master MasterHUB

Cooler Master MasterHUB-1

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

The MasterHub Stream Kit offers modular components that can be arranged to fit users' needs. The base module features pogo pins for easy attachment and built-in magnets, while the 15-key IPS display module allows users to customize the control setup with macros, scenes, and more. A 5-setting fader module provides on-the-fly audio adjustment and users can scroll, zoom, and adjust via the 2-part roller accessory. The MasterHub includes dedicated software.

Discovery Education Mystery Writing

Two boys in classroom exchange high fives.

(Image credit: Discovery Education)

Discovery Education is offering elementary educators an opportunity to participate in the development of Mystery Writing through a free, year-long trial. Featuring no-prep lessons, Mystery Writing helps teachers provide differentiated lessons that teach the writing process. Mystery Writing’s approach combines subjects of high interest with written, visual, and auditory directions to guide students through each writing step.

Eaton Tripp Lite series Cloud-Connected UPS

Tripp Lite series Cloud-Connected UPS

(Image credit: Eaton)

The Tripp Lite series cloud-connected UPS system is a compact solution equipped with cloud-enabled remote monitoring to simplify power management. The Eaton cloud-connected UPS leverages integrated cloud-based monitoring – available at no cost for up to 10 years – to enable customers to manage, control and monitor either a single UPS or an entire fleet. Users can monitor UPS status and battery levels in real time via mobile app or web browser.

Epson ELPCS01 Mobile Projector Cart

ELPCS01 Mobile Projector Cart

(Image credit: Epson)

The ELPCS01 is an AV furniture solution that, when combined with the PowerLite 810E or 815E, transforms almost any wall into a collaborative meeting room. The ELPCS01 works with the projector to display a 100- to 160-inch image just inches away from the wall. The control panel makes it easy to power on, change display sources and adjust image/audio without reaching for a remote while its lightweight design and wheels support easy mobility.

Hal Leonard & Muse Group MuseClass


(Image credit: Hal Leonard & Muse Group)

MuseClass is an assignment, grading, and music content platform for instrumental teaching (grade 6-12) in the U.S. MuseClass allows music educators and band directors to share, collect, and grade assignments. Students receive assignments through the app (available on iOS, Android & Chromebook), and can submit their progress as video or audio recordings, or upload worksheets. MuseClass' AutoGrade, an AI-powered practice tool, listens to a student’s performance and provides immediate feedback on timing and pitch.

Just Add Power MC-TXWP1 Wall Plate

MC-TXWP1 Wall Plate

(Image credit: Just Add Power)

The new Just Add Power MaxColor MC-TXWP1 PoE thin two-gang HDMI wall plate transmitter provides integrators with an HDMI port that natively supports computer and video resolution up to 4K/60 at 4:4:4 and deep color up to 36-bit. It distributes 4K UHD video from connected 4K BYOD sources with no downscaling or subsampling over a 1Gb managed network using Cat-5e/Cat-6 cable. Other features include control of endpoints with CEC and the ability to view a live MJPEG stream up to 30fps as well as a snapshot image in any web browser or control system, at up to 10fps.

Optoma Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Displays

Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Displays

(Image credit: Optoma)

Creative Touch 5-Series Interactive Displays allow educators to experience the full Google Suite, offering real-time collaboration from locations worldwide. Without compatibility issues or the hassle of connecting to an external PC, users can easily access the entire suite of Google-based applications—including Google Drive, Google Docs, YouTube, and more—from their Chromebooks, computers, and other devices.

Philips Philips Genius

Philips Genius

(Image credit: Philips)

Philips Genius is a new, GDPR compliant platform, bringing together tools and capabilities for educators to create and deliver professional and engaging ‘intelligence-led’ lesson plans for inspired classroom experiences. The new, technology-agnostic Philips Genius educational software brings collaborative teaching and learning experiences to any classroom and on any interactive display.

Samsung AI Class Assistant

Samsung AI Class Assistant screenshot

(Image credit: Samsung)

The new Samsung AI Class Assistant adds artificial intelligence capabilities to its WAD series interactive displays, including automatic transcriptions and generative summaries of spoken lessons and generative quizzes based on transcriptions and classroom materials. Through a collaboration between Samsung and Merlyn Mind, the Interactive Display WAD series will also come equipped with voice recognition technology so teachers can move freely and control whiteboard functions from anywhere in the classroom.

Sonnet Solo2.5G PCIe card

Solo2.5G PCIe card

(Image credit: Sonnet)

Solo2.5G PCIe Card is a low-profile 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet adapter card for Windows® and Linux® computers. Equipped with an RJ45 port plus link and activity LED indicators, the adapter supports 2.5GbE connectivity via common Cat 5e copper cabling at distances of up to 100 meters. The card installs into an available PCIe card slot and uses drivers built into operating system software.

Tribit StormBox 2

StormBox 2 on a rocky shoreline

(Image credit: Tribit)

The StormBox 2 portable outdoor speaker offers 360°audio with two 48mm full-range Bluetooth wireless speakers that deliver 34W peak power. Powered by RunStretch technology, the StormBox 2 provides 24-hour playback time and the ability to listen from up to 150 feet away.

Vernier Go Direct Salinty Sensor

Go Direct Salinty Sensor

(Image credit: Vernier)

The Go Direct Salinity Sensor supports the study of water quality through hands-on learning. This new wireless sensor, which connects directly to student devices using the Vernier Graphical Analysis app, makes it possible for middle school, high school, and college-level students to precisely measure the total dissolved salt content of ocean or brackish water during agricultural science, biology, chemistry, Earth science, and environmental science investigations.

Yamaha VXC2P Dante/PoE ceiling speaker

Yamaha VXC2P Dante/PoE ceiling speaker

(Image credit: Yamaha)

The VXC2P Dante/PoE ceiling speaker offers signal processing and CTL-BN1, which functions as a mute button for the ADECIA microphones and external controller. The setup wizard allows easy connection and setup for up to four rooms. The VXC2P is equipped with a variety of signal processing functions such as equalizer, ducker, and delay to help create a conference environment with high-quality sound. It can also be used for a wide range of applications, such as for voice-lift systems when combined with the MRX7-D signal processor.

Ray Bendici is the Managing Editor of Tech & Learning and Tech & Learning University. He is an award-winning journalist/editor, with more than 20 years of experience, including a specific focus on education.