Educators Facilitate Flipped Learning Lessons

EDUonGo, Inc. provides an environment to support flipped learning in the classroom.

Tom Driscoll, a social studies teacher at Putnam High School in Putnam, Conn., turned to EDUonGo in 2012 after recognizing the need for a learning platform that would help him effectively implement Flipped Mastery —a flipped learning model—in his classroom. He wanted a platform that could encourage collaboration and communication among students.

“After trying several learning platforms that failed to deliver the flexibility I needed for my students, I connected with the team at EDUonGo,” said Driscoll. “My goal was to use one system to create a collaborative online environment, as well as incorporate elements of game-based learning. EDUonGo let me build a customized learning environment that meets these needs, amplifying the flipped learning lessons and increasing students’ ownership of their learning.”

While many schools incorporate flipped learning for one or two classes, Clintondale High School in Clinton, Mich., is the first school to implement for all grades. After incorporating the model in 2011, Clintondale’s principal, Greg Green, recognized the need for a learning platform to support his flipped learning initiative. Like Driscoll, Green tried many platforms before choosing EDUonGo.

“Our students responded really well to the flipped learning model, but I knew that was just the beginning,” said Green. “I needed to take flipped learning to the next level and make it a real success at our school.With EDUonGo we are receiving a straightforward, intuitive platform for teachers to create the collaborative and customized learning environments necessary to generate higher-level thinking and participation among students.”