eInstruction CPS™ Student Response Systems Engages Students to Help Raise Math Scores

eInstruction CPS™ Student Response Systems Engages Students to Help Raise Math Scores

Marlene Harris, Mathematics Teacher, Screven County High School, GA

Marlene Harris was seeing only 63% of her students passing selected assessments. Once she implemented the use of eInstruction’s CPS™ student response systems, the percentage of passing students immediately rose to over 80%.

Marlene Harris is always on the lookout for a way to increase her students’ performance and progress. After seeing a demonstration of how eInstruction’s CPS™ student response system engages students. Marlene decided to implement CPS™ student response systems in her classroom. She incorporates CPS™ to get instant knowledge of what new concepts her students understand to determine their readiness to move on.

“The reason that I would not recommend any other system is the reporting that is available with CPS™,” Marlene said, “I have not seen any [system] yet with the same reporting capabilities as CPS™.”

Operating Mobi™ mobile interactive whiteboard in tandem with CPS™ student response system, Marlene receives the data while she moves around the room. Mobi’s KWIK (Know-What-I-Know) screen immediately displays students’ answers that are entered into the CPS™ student response pads. Plus, the mobility of Mobi™ allows her to be in close range to students who are struggling, or off task, and offer assistance without interrupting the lesson. “While I am moving around the room, I am more available to the students, especially the quiet ones or those who struggle,” Marlene notes.

Marlene says that her students are more engaged in the classroom now with eInstruction® technology. Before class they usually greet her with, “‘Do we need our [student response pads] today?’ If I respond, ‘No, not today,’ I usually get something like, ‘Aw man! I am not going to be able to stay awake today.’”

Students’ increased involvement is just the beginning. The numbers are the icing on the cake. Marlene has noticed scores rising from year to year now that she has implemented eInstruction’s student response systems.

About Marlene Harris

Marlene has been a math teacher at Screven County High School in Sylvania, Georgia for over 5 years. Screven County is a rural school system that serves 3000 students with 400 staff members. Marlene teaches different levels of math there, including junior TP Concepts of Probability & Statistics, freshman level Accelerated Math 1, and junior and senior CP Algebra III.