Election 2004: U.S. Politics, Government, and the Campaign Trail

Every four years the political structure of the United States renews itself when millions of Americans head for the polls to elect a president. What a perfect teachable moment! Get your students excited about national politics and the political leaders of this great nation by taking advantage of election resources available on the Web.

  • The American Presidency Drawing information from articles published in five Grolier encyclopedias, several Scholastic magazines, presidential speeches, multimedia clips, and a wealth of photos, this Web site yields an abundance of data on past presidents and presidential elections.
  • Election 2004 This is the site to raise youth interest in the political process. Developed by Scholastic in partnership with MSNBC.com and NBC News, it sends out kid reporters to pound the election beat. Teachers will find a wealth of Election 2004 resources for use with students, including the articles "How to Run for President," "Kid Reporters Cover the Primaries," and "Live from the Conventions."
  • Campaign 2004 From America's newspaper of record, The New York Times, comes coverage of the presidential campaign. The site focuses on special election issues in the news. It provides a campaign calendar identifying who was where and when, plus campaign finance information, an archive of The Times election polls, information about the candidates, and primary results.
  • Bush-Cheney '04 This is the official Web site of the Bush-Cheney campaign where visitors can go to learn more about President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and their wives. View the latest headlines related to the campaign, and explore campaign issues and topics related to the economy, health care, education, homeland security, and the environment.
  • John Kerry for President At the Web headquarters for the Democratic presidential candidate, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), you'll find information about the candidate, his wife Teresa, and the issues they both support. View video clips taken along the campaign trail, take advantage of opportunities to get involved in the campaign, air your views in the Blog area, and download a variety of resources.
  • PBS American Experience: The Presidents Explore the lives and careers of America's 43 presidents through PBS research materials.

Carol S. Holzberg, Ph.D., is an anthropologist, educational technology specialist, and computer journalist in Massachusetts.