Electronic Portfolios for Professional Growth

Electronic portfolios are being used for student assessment. How about e-portfolios for teachers and our own professional growth?

I am sure this will stir discussions on what should be in an e-portfolio, but from my experience, I would like to see specific information about a teacher's teaching practice::

  • lesson plans with handouts that could be useful for other teachers.
  • show how lessons and units are meeting standards.
  • documents or templates that you created yourself.
  • artifacts or samples of student work from each lesson or project.
  • reflections on what worked, what didn't work, and what would you do different next time.
  • pictures of students working
  • student reflections on the lesson or unit
  • feedback from colleagues or other teachers (using a feedback form) about the lesson.

E-Portfolios can be used as part of professional development activities as useful data for lesson study, action research, and pair and share discussions.

Scott Smith from Visalia, CA (scott@visalia.k12.ca.us) shared how teachers in his region are using electronic portfolios to meet the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. Please check out: http://visalia.k12.ca.us/vistas/graduate_portfolios.htm

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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