Empower Parents to Help their Children

The staff understands that parental involvement in a child’s schooling is critical to their success. We host family nights to share classroom activities, but would like to expand the focus of these events to include good uses of technology. What could we share with parents that would be meaningful for them and help the students?

There are many topics from which to choose, but a recent poll from the Associated Press and America Online highlights a very specific parental need in relation to technology use. In general, parents believe that Internet use helps their children complete schoolwork. However, this new poll indicates that very few parents, just 21%, actually know enough about homework help sites and other online resources to share them with their children.

Your staff can begin incorporating online homework help resources into the family night meetings. Give parents time to explore the sites during the meetings and then post the links in a special area on the school’s Web site. Since parents are usually the first to field homework questions outside of school, you’ll be empowering them to assist their children using appropriate resources!

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