Encourage the Use of Email

Professional developers can work with the school site administrators, the technology committee, and office staff to develop a plan where all messages are sent by email instead of by paper. This is a difficult move for teachers and staff who are used to relying on paper. Some of them even print each email message.

You can:

  • Encourage administrators to send all bulletins by email.
  • Explain how sending back up messages on paper keeps teachers from using email.
  • Work with individual teachers on how to retrieve and send email.
  • Offer workshops after school hours to help teachers and administrators use and manage email.
  • Have teachers reply to your message and include an attachment.
  • Create a distribution list or address group for all teachers and different committees to save time when sending regular emails.

When everyone starts sending information digitally, real communication happens. We just have to make sure everyone is opening his or her email.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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