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E-Rate Update

A real-time roundup of recent promises and practicalities for the county’s largest edTechinitiative and what it may mean for your school district.

New E-rate blog

The E rate application process is extremely complex and often misunderstood.  To boost understanding of the E rate program, Funds For Learning, the nation's leading E rate funding compliance services firm, introduces the E rate Blog.  A new feature of

Additional E-rate Funds

The Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) officially announced to the FCC in late July that it has identified additional monies to fund Funding Year 2010 E-rate Priority Two (internal connections and basic maintenance of internal connections) requests at the 80 percent discount level.

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E-Rate Update

Having grown up in rural Kansas, I know what it’s like to wait for your hometown to catch up with urban America.

E-rate Updates

On July 5, 2012, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the draft Eligible Services List (ESL) for FY2013.