Erratic computer monitor

Question: My computer monitor in my classroom will be clear one minute and then flicker the next. Any suggestions?

The IT Guy says:
Check first for a loose cable, either into the back of the monitor or from the monitor into the back of your computer. You can also power cycle the monitor (turn it on and off) or press the “degauss” button (if you have one) to get rid of magnetic field interference that may have built up over time.

There may be something else causing interference with the monitor, so try moving it to another part of the room or moving any speakers, cables, or other electrical devices that may be around it.

You can also go into the display control panel settings and increase the refresh rate of the monitor. Generally you will want a refresh rate over 70 Hz, but a higher refresh rate like 85 Hz can be even better and clearer. The rate and color depth you can set depends on what your computer CPU as well as monitor supports.

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