Excel Shortcuts


Inserting Time and Date

Setting up worksheets to use with your teachers? There are shortcuts in Excel or Access that can have the time or dates automatically show up.

  • To show the current date, click Control (CTRL) and ;(semicolon)
  • To show the current time, click CTRL and Shift and ;
  • To have both date and time, click CTRL and ; then put a space, then click CTRL plus Shift plus ;

Fred Mindlin shared a printing tip:

When printing an Excel document on the Mac, go to page setup and select "fit to one page." This is especially helpful since we use so many highly formatted forms, and it will avoid the chopped up printouts we sometimes get from these.

Barbalee Blair has a quick way to format cells:

The usual method, using control-enter to allow more text to show than fits in cells, should work, but if there are many such cells, it takes too long! My favorite with Excel is using word wrap on whole groups of cells. After selecting the group, click ctrl + 1 to open the formatting dialogue. From there, the alignment tab gives you the ‘word wrap’ option. It’s great!

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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