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Exploring the Magic GarageBand setup (GarageBand 08)

Have some fun. Play around with the new Magic GarageBand feature.
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Have some fun. Play around with the new Magic GarageBand feature. Find out how you can use a prerecorded song and change the instrumentation to make it your own.

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Tech & Learning magazine – along with key sports media had the unique opportunity to meet via videoconferencing with basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson today to discuss his new partnership with Cisco. In addition to being a Hall of Fame

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Popup'); generator.document.write(''); generator.document.write(''); generator.document.write(''); generator.document.write(''); generator.document.write('Copyright 2004 Atomic Learning Inc.'); generator.document.write(''); generator.document.close(); } --> Want to change the way that text wraps around

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When you view a slide show or a movie, where is the picture? This activity (aka "snack") provides instructions for investigating light and human vision using a pencil and a slide projector.

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Name: Mars Exploration Rover Mission Brief Description of the Site: With exploration of Mars, the Red Planet, a fact, NASA has had to create a special site just to provide Mars exploration updates. There has been so much traffic on NASA's sites that this one is just for those hooked on Mars. As NASA's official